13/11/2020 - 13:15

“Solidarity for All” is resuming the campaign which started during the difficult days of last spring’s lockdown and is continuing now, to even more difficult conditions; to support once again the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged who are deeply affected by the social and economic impact of this pandemic crisis.

This effort is supported by the radio station "Sto Kokkino 105.5", and the newspaper "Avgi".

We must remain calm, strictly following the instructions of the public authorities.

We must also help our fellow human beings in need.

Now is the time to respond with solidarity and self-organization, seeking to fill the huge gaps, in the public health system,created by this government’s choices.

We “adopt” the neighbors who need us; we stand in solidarity with every fellow human being:

When shopping for us, we shop for those who cannot go to grocery stores.

If possible, we buy extra products (long shelf life) for those who cannot afford to purchase for themselves.

Anyone in need can contact “Solidarity for All”: consent to the usage/processing of their personal information. “Solidarity for All” will link him/her to the solidarity structure, or to the person who can help in his/hers neighborhood. After being informed by “Solidarity for All”, this person strictly abiding to the rules of hygiene as well as the instructions, regulations and laws of the authorities etc., using “no contact delivery method”, will deliver the products he/she has bought to the person in need.

Anybody who wants to offer help, addresses “Solidarity for All”:consent to the usage/processing of their personal information.  “Solidarity for All” refers him/her to a fellow human being in need where he can deliver the products using the “no contact delivery method” in strict compliance with the hygiene rules and guidelines, regulations and laws of the authorities, etc. Alternatively, “Solidarity for All” will manage each donation in compliance with the relevant regulations and transparency.

"Solidarity for All" collaborates with a network of Social Clinics and Pharmacies, which can cover basic health needs especially for our fellow citizens without social security, whom the government expelled from the National Health Service.

We stay home without forgetting our neighbors, those around us who are in need!