"Greece Solidarity Campaign" visits "Solidarity for All"

13/02/2018 - 16:30

On February 13th members of the UK "Greece Solidarity Campaign" visited "Solidarity for All" in order to discuss with its members, about the current situation in Greece and Britain exchanging experiences and opinions. The 8 - members of the campaign, Isidoros Diakidis, Mike Davis, Cherry Sewell, Paul Mackney, Bob Littlewood, Wendy Pettifor, David Kirkby and Naeem Malik, shared their impressions after visiting Scaramagas Refugee Hosting Center, as well as other grassroots of social solidarity in our country.

The members of the "Greece Solidarity Campaign" were briefed on the ongoing developments in the areas that "Solidarity for All" operates, particularly focused on how grassroots deal with the economic and the refugee crisis, as well as on the ways in which "Solidarity for All" strengthens and supports them per sector, such as health, refugee crisis, food, education and social and solidarity economy.

The 2 hour meeting took place during a 3 day visit of the "Greece Solidarity Campaign" in Greece.  Later on, the members of the campaign had the opportunity to catch up with members of the Coordination of Attica Pharmacy and Clinics, in particular with: Solidarity Pharmacy in Patisia, Solidarity Social Solidarity Clinic of Peristeri, Ilion Solidarity Social Pharmacy and Chalandri Social Solidarity Clinic.